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Clutch Replacements / Repairs With Peacock Motor Engineers

Your clutch is a vital part of your car, and so when it starts to have issues, it can be annoying, scary, but most importantly, it can be dangerous.

Every time you step down on the clutch pedal, a lot happens that you can’t see. As it is used every time you drive and involves moving parts that repeat the same action over and over again, wear and tear naturally occurs.

We’re here to make sure that this wear and tear doesn’t develop into more serious faults in your car, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


While there is no recommended mileage, or time, in which you should have your car clutch regularly checked, it’s important to get it looked at the moment you start to notice any issues.

If you feel a change in the clutch or you’re unsure on whether it needs some attention, just pop by with your car, and we’ll do a full clutch check and see if anything needs to be done.

Our clutch replacement services are fast, affordably priced and, as with all car repairs we complete, only use high-quality parts. Unbeatable customer services and the ability to source parts for almost any model of car mean we’ll have your clutch repaired or replaced, and you back on the road, in no time.

So, if you’ve noticed a slipping clutch, or need any other work done on your vehicle, get in touch. Our highly trained engineers are specialists in addressing any needs you might have, from service MOTs to your car’s air conditioning. Book online, drop by or give us a call.