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Repair / Regas Aircon With Peacock Motor Engineers

Your car air conditioning system does more than keep you cool in the summer. It keeps your windscreen clear and fog-free while helping to improve the air quality inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes this system begins to fail or no longer operates at the level it should, which is where we come in.

Most major manufacturers recommend having your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced every two years to keep it running at peak performance. We also recommend this time-frame as it helps avoid costly repair work or system failures that can result in missing or ignoring any present faults.


Air conditioning diagnostics and servicing

A check-up will allow us to identify any developing faults, test the system’s performance and let you know if your air conditioning could use a recharge. We can perform a visual inspection or a more in-depth physical and electrical system testing to gain a complete picture of how the system is functioning.

Regular servicing also gives your vehicle:

  • Optimum fuel economy
  • Peak efficiency of the air-con system
  • Removal of potentially harmful bacteria
  • Minimal demisting times
  • Better protection against the recirculation of pollutant particles and dust


Air condition repairs

Have you noticed an issue with the system? Not a problem, our team are specialists and so can quickly identify and repair any fault that’s present.

Whether its a replacement of your air-con system, a wheel alignment or a full car service, Peacock Motors is the garage for the job. From our location in Renfrewshire, you’ll struggle to find a similar level of professional service, so don’t delay, book your car in today, and we’ll have it at peak performance and road-ready in no time.