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Car Servicing With Peacock Motor Engineers

We don’t just want to make sure your car is roadworthy; we want to make sure your car will last. Regular servicing is the best way to address the usual wear and tear that can happen over a year. Catching any issues early and is how we can help you avoid any bigger, costly repairs.

Peacock‘s customer service can not be beaten by any other garage in the area. From our base in Renfrew, our services are affordable, high-quality and convenient, everything you need to keep your car operating smoothly all year long.


We know taking your car for work can be a hassle, and so we try to make every part of the process as simple as we can make it.

You can book your vehicle in with us by phone, or use our online booking form found on our website and Facebook profile. This means no matter where you are, or what you’re doing; we’re only a click away.

Next, you just bring your car into us and one of our friendly and highly capable engineers will take a look at your car. After a thorough inspection anything you’ll get a call with details on anything we’ve found. No work will be started without a discussion with you so that you can get a full estimate of time-frames and costs.

If you then give us the go-ahead, we’ll get to work. After this, just come down to pay and collect your keys, and you’re on your way.


Like without most things, cars need some care and attention every now and then to function at their best.

While it may differ by make, mileage and model, the recommendation is that every car has full service once a year, and a major service every two years. Even more regular check-ups are advised for those who travel long distances.

This can lead to faults or general wear and tear being found, such as degraded parts or leaking oil, that are easy fixes now, but if left unchecked could lead to much more serious car damage.


Peacock are the ones to call if your car needs a little attention. We can guarantee to work on your car quickly and offer guidance and advice on:

  • Engine diagnostics
  • General car repair services
  • Servicing MOTs
  • Exhausts and brakes
  • Tyre replacement and wheel alignment

So take the stress out of maintaining your car by showing it some love with regular servicing. Get in touch by booking online, or give us a call and we’ll make sure your car runs smoothly and stays that way.