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Replace Your Brakes With Peacock Motor Engineers

How your vehicle stops is just as important as it moves. Don’t let a small issue develop into a severe problem and never risk your safety by ignoring the signs of a faulty braking system.

Peacock Motor Engineers are always available to ensure every component, system and feature of your vehicle is running at its best. So if you notice any problems with your car, or think it’s time for an inspection, give us a call or book your vehicle in online.


There are several signs to watch out for as you drive, which could indicate a problem with your brakes or a component of your vehicle’s brake system. If you experience any of the following, we recommend having your car inspected as soon as possible. Delaying or ignoring any issue can lead to more costly repairs or avoidable accidents. One such sign to look for are strange noises from your brakes as you drive.

Squeaking or squealing

Several different issues can cause these sounds. One example is when a component called a brake caliper becomes stuck and struggles to function.


Any grinding noise heard from your brakes is likely caused by excessive friction. This type of sound typically signals that your vehicle’s brake pads are worn, or your brake disc has become damaged, either way, this can lead to disastrous results.

You might also begin to notice changes in how your car operates.

Pulling as you drive

When a hydraulic in the brake system becomes stuck, or another component has seized, you may notice a pulling to one side as you apply the brakes. A quick inspection will locate the issue and inform you if your brakes need any repair work. 

Unresponsive breaking

If air has managed to enter your vehicle’s brake line, then the brake fluid flow may become interrupted. The lack of fluid then causes a spongy feeling or a lack of response as you apply the brakes.


As you drive, if you begin to feel a pulsating as from the brake pedal, this is a sign that the brake disc has become warped. Either from overuse or excessive heat, it is a sign the brakes components no longer fit perfectly together, and so no longer perform as well as they should.

A soft pedal

A lack of resistance as you apply the brakes, or the pedal itself easily going all the way to the vehicle floor, are another sign of a serious fault. If you notice this, your vehicle needs to be inspected immediately, and we recommend you avoid driving until it has been addressed.

Dashboard light

A clear sign your braking system may need to be inspected is the warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard panel. It most commonly indicates low brake fluid but can signal a leak in the brake hoses.

Brake fluid over two years old

You may not think it, but your brake fluid can go bad. After two years, the fluid can lose its effectiveness and ability to absorb moisture, which negatively impacts your braking.

If you notice any of the above issues as you drive, getting your car in for a once over or brake inspection couldn’t be easier. Just give us a call, or use our online booking form. With unbeatable customer service and high-quality work, we’ll have you back on the road and driving safely again in no time.