Your Local 4×4 Specialists



Vehicle servicing and repairs are what we do, and we’re the best at it. We are more than happy to be able to look after your vehicle, no matter what make or model it is.

If you’re looking for a professional mechanic to give your 4×4 a little TLC, we’re the team for the job. Whether it’s the typical wear and tear or you’ve been putting your vehicle through its paces, we have the years of experience, the track record of excellence and personal service it takes to get your 4×4 running like new.

As with any model or make of car, we offer specialists services for:


Regular health checks


We know precisely what a 4×4 needs to run at its best, so if you bring your vehicle in, we will inspect everything from the brakes to the windscreen wipers. We recommend you have a full health check for your 4×4 at least once a year so we can identify any issues long before they can develop into more severe problems.




Keep your vehicle running smoothly all year round with our competitively priced servicing, a must for any car whether a BMW or Land Rover 4×4.


Tyre and wheel services


Arguably the most essential parts of your vehicle are the four wheels that make for your four-wheel drive. If your tyres are deflated, punctured or out of alignment, your driving becomes less comfortable, more dangerous and your vehicle’s fuel economy suffers.

Peacock Motors are unrivalled when it comes to the supply and fitting of quality but affordable tyres. So don’t let worries about pricing stop you replacing your tyres when they need to be.

We also offer a range of other specialist services from our garage in Renfrew, including brake, clutch and exhaust repairs as well as services for your car’s air condition, battery, engine and MOT.

With Peacock Motors, you’ll never again have to worry about looking for the best mechanics, the best prices or Googling for a “4×4 Specialist near me” again.

Give us a call, or book online through our website, and we’ll have you and your 4×4 back on the road as quickly as possible.